The Hacking LinkedIn software is intended to work with the Hacking LinkedIn Info Product. If you do not have Hacking LinkedIn GET IT NOW or you will be wasting your money here. Refunds WILL NOT be given to customers who have not bough the Hacking LinkedIn Info Product.

The Hacking LinkedIn Software is designed to be put to use AFTER you have implemented the HL4 Module of Hacking LinkedIn. This means that you have already started connecting to others. Once that has occurred  then start using the software. It will speed things up about 10 – 20X

What exactly IS The Hacking LinkedIn Software?

It Auto Connects you to others on LinkedIn

It Helps You Find And Connect To Groups On LinkedIn

But That’s Not All!!

    • Handles multiple accounts! Unlimited!!
    • Binding proxies!! Bind your proxy to an account!!
    • Auto connect to other linkedIn users
    • Auto Join Groups based on keywords
    • Export your LinkedIn list for mailing!!
    • Easily remove old or bad accounts
    • Full Blown SMTP Mailer!!
    • Mailer is 100% Can-Spam compliant
    • Email preview function
    • Email spam score system
    • Rotating SMTP servers! Unlimited
    • And more in development!!

And How About That Mailer?

Our mailer has more features than most professional mailing software. We should know, it was built as a separate product to compete with professional mailing software.

    • Our mailer features SPINTAX support in subject and body!
    • Full HTML support in the body
    • Tokens for first name and last name
    • In built throttling based on time and number of emails
    • FULL CAN-SPAM Compliant
    • Email test send
    • Email preview
    • Email Spam score
    • and more!

We have seen software that doesn’t even come close to this selling for $149!! No, we admit it ourselves, that’s Waaaaaay too much money!! Heck, it’s because of that kind of craziness that we build this software in the first place!

So would $97 be fair? That’s Waaaay less than the competition. We think it would be fair but not right . . . so we are going lower!

How about $77, that’s another $20 off.  Now we are getting looooww! But we still aren’t done!

$67? $57? How about $47? We are going to drop our price down to $47 dollars for the first 60 days we are selling this. After that, we bump it up to a VERY fair $67.

So for 60 days, we will sell you this amazing software for the incredibly low price of JUST $47.

*.Net 4 Framework required

And we’ll even go one step further. We will guarantee the software for 30 days. Our guarantee is this: IF you are a Hacking LinkedIn Customer and you have purchased this software, if for any reason within 30 days of purchase, simply file a ticket with out support desk here and let us know you’d like a full refund. And we’ll get you that refund. Fair enough?

*.Net 4 Framework required

So what are you waiting on? You know the Hacking LinkedIn product works! Put it on steroids TODAY and start Hacking LinkedIn with Automation Today!